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Welcome to Retail Council of Canada’s Application Site!

This is your one stop shop to apply for Retail Council of Canada’s Excellence in Retailing Awards Program and Retail as a Career Scholarship Program.   

To get started, please click on the Sign Up button on the right hand side of the page, and you will be able to choose one of the listed categories below.

Retail as a Career Scholarship:
Please choose from one of the following Scholarship criteria.
Retail  As A Career Scholarship –Secondary  School Applicant
Retail  As A Career Scholarship – Post Secondary School  Applicant

Excellence in Retailing Award
Please choose one of the following Awards to submit your entry. 
Corporate and Social Responsibility Award
E-commerce Award
Health, Safety & Wellness Award
In-Store Merchandising Award
Loss Prevention Award
Marketing Communications Award
Store Design Award
Energy & Environmental Sustainability
Technology Award
Talent Development Award